A week in port …

We have been in the marina for a week whilst a variety of workmen come and go. Slowly the jobs are being ticked off the list and we do feel as though we are in the hands of experts. We continue to learn a lot about the boat and how to look after it – I have been re-varnishing port lights (the small hatches around the side of the boat) as well as cleaning holding tanks and waterproofing the Bimini. Chris continues to splice and dice – making soft shackles to replace many of the metal ones on the boat. One of the riggers has offered Chris a job as a splicer! We are becoming real boat people. Cleaning duties continue as a southerly wind brings red sand and dumps it all over all the boats … and we’ve had a bit of rain this week too.

Sunset from our berth in Port de Mallorca

I’m making myself at home here – I have signed up for Pilates classes at a fabulous studio about a mile away from the marina. Have also found a hair dresser and beautician – body maintenance still a priority I’m pleased to say! We have a regular bar where we now know the owner and continue to discover restaurants. Making the most of life in port!

Soft shackles

~ by Karen on Sunday, 26 September 2021.

One Response to “A week in port …”

  1. You do have such a busy life; one that you clearly enjoy. Why is it that food abroad looks so much more enticing?

    Covid test done. Await result. Then two more days in isolation! Nothing like a quiet life for me. I’m into abstract painting, small scale nonsense, but having fun.

    Love to you two energetic people. Jo 🤗 ❤️


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