This is a travel weblog to keep my friends and family updated on my travels around South America, Australia, New Zealand and America. I’ll try to post here a couple of times a week.

Please also checkout Chris’s photoblog: Daily Photo!

2 Responses to “About”

  1. I like very muxh your beautiful photos. You’ve got a photographer eye 🙂 Goog luck with your further travels!

  2. Just caught up on your adventures which sound amazing. Slightly concerned about the use of vodka as anaesthetic for a fish soon to be despatched – hope some got absorbed into the flesh….
    Booby problem. We had same issue with gaviotas in the pool at Calpe. Resolved by stringing fishing lines across landing zone – more difficult on a boat but worth a try.
    Now back home but off in a couple of weeks to Barbados & a little sailing ourselves. Not quite in your league but rather luxurious & definitely no poo cleaning – ends up in Fort Lauderdale.
    Hope the wind picks up & stay safe.
    Love from Spider & Gill

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