Moving north up the west coast of Italy

A fabulous day sailing close hauled in a force 5 gusting 6 all the way to Livorno. We saw 8.6 knots of speed on the instruments and felt like we were flying! Not much scope to make a cup of tea in the 6 hour journey but hey ho … no worries for the rough, tough sailors that we are!


We stayed in Livorno overnight – a large commercial port. Italian curfew at 6pm means that dinner out is over so we celebrated Shirl’s last night with us over a home made curry and large G&T. Shirley headed off for a flight from Pisa and we continue the journey north – our aim is to get to south west France within a week. We will miss our crew mate!

Parking lot outside Livorno Port

~ by Karen on Friday, 30 October 2020.

2 Responses to “Moving north up the west coast of Italy”

  1. How we wish we were with you! What a fun adventure and this is just the med! Hope you don’t get too caught up in complicated lock-downs. Love to you both from all of us xxxxx

  2. looks pretty exciting. Hold on!

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