Celebrating 1000nm – 2000nm to go!

~ by Karen on Wednesday, 8 March 2023.

9 Responses to “Celebrating 1000nm – 2000nm to go!”

  1. Well done, I can’t believe you are doing all this baking while sailing the Pacific,definitely Superwoman.I’ve just been given a complimentary glass of fizz with my desert in our ski hotel in honour of International Women’s Day,I think you deserve a case ! 🥰🍾xx

  2. You know how yo make me happy 😊👏😉

  3. Congratulations & so good to see the sun is out again & sails out! Any excuse to open a bottle! Xxx

  4. Well done. I’m sure the remaining 2000 will be a walk in the park now you have wind!

  5. looking very good and fit! xx

  6. Amazing and congratulations! Great crewing and skippering all round😁


  7. I’m working

  8. Fantastic! Good luck for the next 2k!

  9. Wow. Very envious. Well done and enjoy the journey.

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