Spoke far too soon …

It’s been a week and a lot has happened – some good and some much less so! Starting with the good …

Absolutely lovely to have Oliver (known as ‘cabin boy’) and James (‘Chief Engineer and Security Manager) on board! Not as much sailing as anticipated for reasons to be explained below, but we travelled 333 miles moving from Aguadulce up to our second (third?) home in Palma. En route we had some beautiful anchorages, some great meals on board and on shore, with some swimming, paddle boarding and playing thrown in. We met up with my superstar nephew Tom, (England rugby player) and his girlfriend Ash, in Andraxt and had them plus another couple of friends of Tom’s join us for a day sail. Unfortunately, for all that Tom is ‘rufty tufty’ on the rugby pitch, not so much on a boat! Seasickness for him and Ash resulted in our cutting the day short and dropping them off by tender after lunch.

Moving onto the bad … how many things can go wrong with a bloody boat?? Day 2 of Oliver and James stay, the guest toilet stopped flushing. James (mainly!), Oliver and I spent 2 long sessions with our heads down the toilet changing the bellows and the base of the toilet. This is definitely not the glamorous life it can appear! No joy in spite of best efforts so the expert is booked in for tomorrow.

Generator failed … no air conditioning and no water maker as a result. Not a major practical issue as we were at sea with a breeze and we have huge water tanks which were full when we started but hey ho … parts ordered and due to be changed tomorrow after diagnosis with engineer over the phone.

Finally and most seriously, the mast furler popped at the top of the mast. We thought the main halyard had snapped … luckily the mainsail had already been furled so all was safe, but it’s not possible to use the mainsail until this is fixed. Obi-wan- kenobi guru Mike joined us on Saturday morning to investigate. It transpires that this is a serious failure and we may need the mast taken off the boat to repair it. Nightmare. No time, loads of guests lined up and finding Spanish workman who can deal with this at short notice in August is mission impossible. We love a challenge. And the story continues …

~ by Karen on Monday, 15 August 2022.

7 Responses to “Spoke far too soon …”

  1. Oh my goodness re mast! Super serious. Only upside is that it has happened now and not mid-Atlantic…..Keep that positive spirit as always! So looking forward to seeing you soon! Lx

  2. I’m sorry to learn of your troubles and hope the beautiful scenery is some consolation.

  3. Oh no! Nightmare. So sorry to hear that. Hope Mike works some miracles & the mast (& troublesome toilet!) get fixed soon as well as the generator. I thought the generator was fixed 2 yrs ago? Thinking of you both -espresso martinis will help! Xx

  4. Oh no ! I thought this was meant to be fun 🙈xx

  5. Wow….. beautiful pictures.
    The adventure continues!!
    Love you my friend xx🥰

  6. OMG Karen! Troubles on board seem never ending. Glad you’re still focusing on the positives! Wow, Mike’s a brave man – wouldn’t fancy climbing to the top of that mast tbh!
    Hope the repairs get sorted.
    J xxx

  7. I guess it is better for these things to happen now but how frustrating and tedious especially as you thought the boat was sorted. The trials and tribulations of boating..good luck and I’m sure you will get it sorted. Batty & Brina xx

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