Moving home …

Yahoo … finally, the day has come! We shut the chalet, put away the garden furniture and bade our farewells to our lovely neighbours and friends … we are travelling to the boat. Yacht Mistral becomes our primary residence for the next 3 years starting this evening. The big adventure begins!

We had hoped to travel light but 46kg of checked in baggage along with 20kg of hand luggage later – we failed! Friends Jane and Ian dropped us at THONON station this morning and so far, so good … we have made it to Madrid and the bags are still with us (tracked by Chris who has apple air tags on all bags … you’d expect no less!)

Farewell BBQ chez les Parkers!
Thonon Station … you are only seeing the hand luggage!

~ by Karen on Thursday, 4 August 2022.

5 Responses to “Moving home …”

  1. Best of luck for this momentous adventure, looking forward to catching up in September before the main event begins ⛵️⛵️Xx

  2. Bon vogage. Wishing you well and a wonderful adventure. You will keep in touch, please, in between your very busy and, I suspect, demanding days – all 24 hours! Lots of love and best wishes, Karen and Christopher.

    ( I can’t wait to see you back!)


  3. Bon voyage… see you in Grenada… I may be sailing in !!! I just met Tim the sailor!! X❤️❤️Xxooooooo

  4. Good luck 🤞 xx

  5. Amazing! What an adventure. Bon voyage

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