UK Tour … not quite as planned …

Well … I had a fabulous plan for our trip … every day carefully scheduled to make sure we maximised social with family and friends as well as getting some important stuff done. We had booked a 2 day sea survival training programme and a 4 day marine first aid programme. I had to renew my passport and we had stuff to do on property.

All was going beautifully for a week – survived sea survival (a good sign!), spent a traumatic day getting a new passport but mission finally accomplished, and much more importantly, had a lovely time in London catching up with friends, drinking fizz, seeing art and inhaling all that London has to offer! The week ended with Max & Zoe’s wedding (my brothers youngest son). What a fabulous day and a really lovely family weekend. A really joyful occasion; everyone looked gorgeous and we will remember this very happy day for ever.

I had one final lovely day with Ruth and my sister Jane at Hampton Court Flower Festival and then Covid struck. I felt really poorly for the first 5 days. We cancelled all social arrangements and stayed with Jane and then in a hotel in Cambridge. Chris contracted Covid 5 days after me and has been poorly ever since. We are both still testing positive as I write. What a bugger. We were lucky enough to be able to spend the weekend with David & Kayleigh and our gorgeous granddaughters – they have all had Covid and were relaxed about our staying with them. We are now holed up in Norfolk in splendid isolation, house sitting for my sister Sara, who is in Australia following her youngest son, Tom (Freemen) playing rugby for England – super exciting!! It will be weird if we end up watching Tom on Saturday from Sara’s house!

Annabelle & Vivienne

Our plan is to go to Richard & Tamsin at the weekend and then down to Southampton for our course next week. Keeping everything crossed we are well and fit by then. Back to France at the end of next week … the big adventure looms ever closer …

~ by Karen on Thursday, 14 July 2022.

2 Responses to “UK Tour … not quite as planned …”

  1. Oh and it was all going so well! Really sorry to hear that it finally hit you both, but hoping that you are now on the mend. Enjoy sunny Norfolk and let’s chat soon….. sweltering in sw france!

  2. What a pain! Hope you get that negative test quickly so you can don’t miss your course.

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