En route to Aguadulce

I got my promised swim, cocktail and sunset in Formentera … a beautiful spot off the north coast of the island. I remember why I committed to this sailing lark!

Thank you to everyone for commenting on my blog – it’s so lovely to know that we are in touch. Huge sighs of relief all round that you were not reading about more stuff going awry!

All continues to plan with our passage except the wind … which died on Monday as we left Formentera for the 70 mile trip across to the mainland. Unfortunately the swell did not reduce so I spent much of the day feeling queasy … popping sea sickness tablets and sleeping for the first 3 hours of the passage. All was well by the time we reached Calpe, a pretty port just north of Benidorm. We decided to stay in the marina to avoid a night of potential swell and having slept like a log, we swept off again for a shorter day down to Alicante. Glorious sunshine and no wind (again) but another gorgeous spot for the evening; super swim and fabulous sunset.

~ by Karen on Wednesday, 1 June 2022.

5 Responses to “En route to Aguadulce”

  1. Sounds fab! …… except for the sea sickness of course ☹️

    Let’s hope the major work on the boat is all done now and it’s truly ship-shape.

    I’ve been in contact with Jane a couple of times and the flights to Geneva are all booked. I’ll send your the itinerary so you’ll have some idea of our times.

    So looking forward to it! Should be fun. Also interested to see how the train journey to Thonon pans out.

    BFN Jxxx

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  2. Sounds wonderful and very satisfying for it all to be coming together!! Enjoy. X

  3. First stage done! So impressed with your dedication to this trip.m slightly envious too! Xx

  4. Glad you’re on your way. Envious of the swim & warm weather.
    Been to JB’s funeral today-I’ll catch up with you next week xx

  5. I hope you get som decent wind to continue your travels,I sympathise I hate the swell 😩xx

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