Finally – we are sailing!

After 5 days of really hard work for everyone associated with Yacht Mistral, we set sail this morning at 8am … headed for Formentera and then over to the Spanish mainland. A glorious morning – gorgeous light, blue skies and sunshine; a force 4 wind; all the sails out and finally, the hard work and £££ are all worthwhile! I’m looking forward to dropping the anchor, having a swim and raising a glass as we view the sunset … but let’s not get ahead of ourselves … always plenty that can go wrong between now and then!

The list of jobs to be done on the boat before we make Mistral our primary residence in early August is not too daunting now. Largely finishing off on some electrical tasks, deep cleaning (by someone other than me!) and changing some of the metal work at the back of the boat to accommodate the new life raft (our old one disintegrated as it was being serviced and of course, no surprise that all new rafts are now bigger than when ours was last bought and fitted). The riggers finally arrived to check the rigging (only 2 months after their appointment!) so inevitably, we also have some rigging to attend to.

On the Spanish mainland, we will be leaving the yacht in Aguadulce (near Almeria) for 2 months whilst we go back to UK for our last trip ahead of our big voyage and spend a few weeks in France doing final, final preparations. It’s all feeling very real!

~ by Karen on Wednesday, 1 June 2022.

One Response to “Finally – we are sailing!”

  1. Hope to see you before your megga trip if you have time xx

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