Back to the boat …

Time is flying by … after a lovely break at the chalet (skied the last day of the season!), another glorious week with friends and family in the UK as well as having my lovely mum to stay in Seytroux for a few days, we are back in Palma for the final push to get the work completed for our big adventure. Not a very auspicious start – the boat looked like a workshop when we arrived on Monday evening with many of the scheduled tasks still not complete. I always worry when Chris looks worried … and over a very large G&T at Martin’s bar, he looked worried and not a little despondent.

Still … resilient and optimistic, we were delighted to see Mike, our trusty project manager bright and early on Tuesday morning soon followed by Benjamin and his team of electricians. A delightful team of 2 came along to polish the GRP all over the boat (all the white bits) and progress is being made. I have reverted to my usual role – chief bilge cleaner (another bilge cleaned and re-painted) and today learnt how to change the filter on the air conditioner. I am becoming expert on all things below the floor it seems! A visit from a toilet expert confirmed that I am indeed a toilet apprentice … guest heads now operational again!

Today, we also tested the second auto-pilot … such a crucial tool in sailing long haul that it seemed wise to have a back up. Sea trials successful – hallelujah!

Now sat on deck with cold beer – thank goodness for alcohol. Next stop shower and we wait to see what tomorrow brings …

~ by Karen on Wednesday, 25 May 2022.

One Response to “Back to the boat …”

  1. Lovely to hear your news as always ,you clearly have a new career as a boat engineer ! It’s lovely for us to be reunited with Nicholas in New Zealand ,I can’t quite believe you will be sailing all this way .Looking forward to catching up with you both in July XX

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