Progress …

Beginning of week 3 on the boat and finally the sun is shining. Yay!We’ve made some good progress over the week and of course – lots more opportunities to learn the boat. This week, I’ve learned how to change the pump on the toilet (positively the most crappy job in everything sense of the word!) and learnt that the pump wasn’t the problem – the motor was; I’ve checked all the sea cocks so now completely familiar with all the places where the boat can sink; have learned about grease pumps for the prop shaft and the steering wheel; I’ve mended blinds, done piles of washing and started the process of re-polishing all the chrome on the boat. Chris has been working with the engineers – upgrades to chart plotters; instruments to better monitor the boat systems, managing all the data bases, logs etc … quite a team!

And this weekend, we hired a car and went exploring. A lovely lunch in the ‘cuitadella’ (old town) of Alcudia; another lovely lunch spot in Santanyi – exploring the north east and east coast of the island. Gorgeous in spite of it being pretty cool and cloudy. Really lovely to get off the boat, do a road trip, eat tapas and drink delicious wine!

Today, back to the grindstone … workmen arrived to replace the teak decking at the front of the boat and some real progress on the electronics. We met a provider of category 3 medical kit and we’re likely to sign up for a 4 day advanced first aid course, an all inclusive medical kit (splints, antibiotics, dental equipment, sutures and skin staple gun amongst other things!) and on demand medical advice anywhere around the globe. Taking no chances.

~ by Karen on Monday, 28 March 2022.

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