Gruissan to Mallorca … a good blow!

We finally made it off the pontoon on Friday … 4 days delay. A 7.30am start on a grey day. No surprises that no sooner had we set off than a trip down to the aft cabin revealed a loud noise – totally not normal! The prop shaft (for those readers who know about this stuff?) was spinning and water dripping through into the boat. Electrical tape reduced the flow and the Captain made the call that we could get to Mallorca without sinking. Onward!

We decided to go straight to Mallorca – the original plan had been a leisurely 3 day cruise down the eastern coast of Spain before trekking across to the Balearics. Instead, a 29 hour voyage in Force 6 to 7 winds. Well reefed in, we had planned to share the watch between the 3 of us but unfortunately, rough seas got the better of Martin who spent half of the trip with a bucket beside him. 3 hours on/3 hours off for Chris and me saw us safely through the night. We sighted land at 11ish and anchored in Soller on the north side of the island sometime after 1pm. A good sleep and a fab Spanish dinner on dry land and I felt like a new woman. Another long sleep and we were ready for the final leg to Palma on Sunday.

The weather remains miserable – grey, cold, threatening rain, big waves and lots of wind. Forecast to stay this way for the couple of weeks we are here. The boat has heating – thank goodness.

Our lovely project manager Mike arrived on Monday … once more in safe hands with a list of jobs planned to get the boat well and truly ready for the big voyage later this year. Unfortunately, the prop shaft damage is serious – we need to take the boat out of the water to get it fixed. We are hoping to see most of the work done whilst we are here but that maybe a touch optimistic. So far this week, quite a lot of talk but not much action. Lots of cleaning and polishing – re familiarising myself with all my products!

Back in Palma

~ by Karen on Thursday, 24 March 2022.

4 Responses to “Gruissan to Mallorca … a good blow!”

  1. Oh Karen , honestly you couldn’t make it up!!!!!! Beautiful 17 degrees here and clear blue skie. Just with friends at a nice pub in Bosham, congratulating myself on my land legs 😂😂😂 Xxxxxxx

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  2. I can’t believe your bad luck ,the boat must have been rebuilt by now! We are having glorious sunshine here in Wengen ,very much spring skiing conditions. I hope the repairs go smoothly 🤞XX

  3. Jeez – not quite the start that you were planning. More time to fall in love with Palma?? or time to get away?

  4. Hope your trip improves!! E xx

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