And we’re off once again …

The travels begin once again – and par for the course, they do not begin quite as planned! The drive from Seytroux to Béziers was a very wet one – rain hammering on the car roof as we travelled south to collect Yacht Mistral. We had a lovely evening with Bill and Sheila who once again, kindly put us up for the night ahead of going to the boat. We woke to a flat tyre on the car. So much for the early start. We managed to arrive at the boat yard at the appointed time ready to watch the boat being put back in the water … no go. Too windy (gale force 7/8 forecast) and in truth the boat yard had forgotten we were coming. A day’s delay and another lovely evening with Bill and Sheila.

Our friend Martin joined us – he had his own issues as EasyJet have managed to lose his bag. Luckily, with the delays we had the time to shop for vital supplies for him.

The following day the boat went into the water but it was too windy to put our new sails up or to begin the sail south toward Mallorca so yet another evening with Bill and Sheila – where would we have been without them!

The boat is in much better condition than last winter but even so – water in the bilges and the bilge pump mechanism had packed up so another quick fix before we could leave the boat safely. Finally yesterday, we got the new sails up – thoroughly pleased with ourselves. They look great. An evening in the port and our first night back on the boat ready for what we hoped would be an early start. A chilly night and a discovery this morning that the bathroom tap is leaking badly … needs sorting before we head out. This is the story of sailing … hoping we will get to Argeles tonight.

The jib goes up first
And the Genoa

~ by Karen on Thursday, 17 March 2022.

2 Responses to “And we’re off once again …”

  1. Hi Karen

    Look forward to catching up a bit later than planned due to your troubles- I really can’t believe after all this time there could be anything else left to go wrong!!! Always enjoy a good chuckle reading your posts from the comfort of home 😉😄😂

    Speak soon- can’t wait to see you Xxxxxx

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Great to see your blog starting again,I hope things begin to go more smoothly including the weather for you .Happy sailing XX

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