Last leg

We had planned to leave Argeles first thing in the morning for Gruissan, where the boat is going to be parked for the winter – a 30 mile trip that would see us parked up by lunchtime, leaving plenty of time to get the boat ready for winter. The best laid plans … the mega gust of wind that blew out our sail heralded the beginning of a severe weather front that saw winds of gale force 10 through the night and well into the morning. We were safe but the noise of the wind was deafening; palm trees were dangerous as huge palms were torn off the trees and the boat was pressed right into the quay, challenging every fender to do its job in protecting the hull. The forecasts all predicted a short weather window in the afternoon when we would be able to motor up the coast. Hallelujah … the forecast was right and we set off at 2pm, arriving soon after 6pm, tired but in one piece. Large G&T’s all round!

We spent the following morning preparing the boat for haul out – cleaning, filling up the fuel, taking down sails, bagging up lines and all in the rain! We made it to Bill and Shiela’s for a very welcome late lunch looking somewhat bedraggled. A 6 hour drive saw us back at the chalet – rain, snow and autumn colours welcomed us. The end to a wonderful summer … next time we get the boat, we will be off around the world!


~ by Karen on Tuesday, 2 November 2021.

4 Responses to “Last leg”

  1. Glad you are home safe for well earned rest. Xx

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  2. Read my last e-maiL. Canals don’t have rising tides and that sort of thing. And .. sails not required. G and T? Yes please.



  3. What date will you set off around the world?

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  4. It sounds like you have had an eventful time ,I can’t imagine the adventures you are going to have on your round the world trip !! We are in the Lake District for a few days so I’ll catch up with you at the weekend or next week when you have had a well earned rest xx

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