An eventful crossing …

We made it … 26 hours and 200 miles across from Andratx to Port Argeles (about 100 miles north of Barcelona). Before sunset we manoeuvred our way around the back of a thunderstorm (so glad to have 2 pilots on board!) and were set for a night on the motor with very little wind but the swell remained. Having taken my trusty Stugeron (seasickness tablets), I was all set for the first watch from 8pm to 10pm. No dramas, all ships kept clear and the night sky was beautiful. My 2pm to 4pm shift was a little more tricky – not least because it took 30 minutes for my eyesight to adjust to be able to see the chart plotter. Batty very kindly stayed with me until I got my bearings! A number of random fishing boats that looked as though they might come to close required a little course adjustment but aside from that, a quiet watch. Batty negotiated a fleet of fisherman blasting out of the nearest port at 6.30am and then 8am to 10am was my final watch. The sun rose and the wind picked up – finally, we were able to set the sails and turn off the engine.

With full crew on board by 9.30am, we decided to fly the Code Zero sail. Winds of Force 4 and a clear sky were ideal conditions for the sail and it unfurled beautifully. 30 minutes later the wind starting gusting more strongly. We reefed in the main sail then … mega gust of wind, very Big Bang and the code zero sail had gone. Chaos. The wind shredded the sail, the furling line had gone and our only choice was to lower the halyard (line that keeps the sail up) manually and try to drag what was left of the sail from the sky and sea. We managed it with Batty doing most of the heaving of the sail from the water. An hour later we were in Port Argeles, glad to be safe and with the boat undamaged – albeit down one sail. The Captain took his crew out for a well deserved breakfast beer!

~ by Karen on Saturday, 30 October 2021.

3 Responses to “An eventful crossing …”

  1. So glad living the dream takes a different angle for me!!! Hilarious- I always chuckle reading your posts😀breakfast beer is novel?! I’d be asleep by 10 if I did that . We are off to Saint Lucia next week-(9th) in nice 5 star hotels which don’t move up and down 🤣 😂 Xxx

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  2. Wow it sounds like the beer was well earned !! Admiration for doing your share of the night watches ,I hope you have caught up on your sleep . Loving these posts ,hope to catch up for a chat soon xx

  3. Oh, Karen, the things up to which you get! Listen to grandma. How about a little -little motor boat? There are some very nice canals in the UK, and probably in France, too. Think about it. No sails plus other benefits. (I think that you could sleep through the night.)

    With that off my chest, well done to all on board. Tell Chris, please, that I am not entirely surprised by the two of you, your antics, ie your enthusiasm, determination and guts … if I may use such a vulgar word. I have nothing but admiration for what you do.

    As you know _ Love Jo 👏🏻👏🏻 xxxx


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