Farewell Mallorca

I can’t believe the day has come. Work on the boat finally complete (for the time being!). We’ve said our farewells to Mike (amazing project manager) having enjoyed a fab dinner with him and his girlfriend, Claudia, at Sa Fulla. With Batty on board, we headed out of Palma yesterday. Final stop over in Andratx with one more wonderful sunset and here we are – en route to the mainland.

No wind but quite a swell … we’ve clocked 10 miles and we have 135 miles to go until our next stop. We’ll be sailing overnight so the watch system starts at 8pm – 2 hours watch followed by 4 hours sleep. Yikes!

~ by Karen on Thursday, 28 October 2021.

3 Responses to “Farewell Mallorca”

  1. The night watch sounds just the dream ! Speak when u get back xx

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  2. Such a picture, Karen! Just one question, who is Batty? I do not like what I am thinking!

    Bon voyage, mes amis.

    Jo 🤔 Xx


  3. Hope the passage goes well! I’m making sloe gin so will bring some for you when I see you next. xx


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