Sailing for real!

Joined by our friend Andy who is with us for a week, we asked Mike (our brilliant project manager) and his business partner Rory, to spend a day with us teaching us how to use the 2 huge sails that have been in a locker at the back of the boat until now – a cruising chute and a code zero – both huge sails designed for light winds. A brilliant day! Rory has crossed the Atlantic 25 times and skippered a racing yacht around the world a couple of times and Mike is a hugely experienced sailor so we were in really good hands. The cruising chute really needs 3 people to operate safely so we’ll be saving this for our ocean crossings when we have crew with us but the code zero is manageable with just the 2 of us. SO lovely to be out sailing and learning … Starting to feel like proper sailors!

Cruising chute … perfect for reaching in light winds

Andy brought his road bike – a little challenging to accommodate on the boat but he has managed one ride so far and I’m sure there will be more!

Andy in Lycra and ready to go!

~ by Karen on Friday, 22 October 2021.

One Response to “Sailing for real!”

  1. Thank you for the card – I should say « cards » because you sent one some time ago, and I don’t recall thanking you, How you do this in the midst of everything else ……?

    I loved your latest news. News indeed; more new things about Mistral. You two are a wonder to me, as an ex 1950 housewife. You could w rite a book about your doings!

    Jo 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 XX


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