Finally … we managed to sail the boat!

After a month or so in the marina, we were finally able to get away in the boat for the weekend – ahead of a week when we are pulling it out of the water for work on and around the hull. We left in the pouring rain – the only boat to venture out at 4 o’clock on a wet and windy Friday afternoon. We motored to Portal Vells – a gorgeous little bay we haven’t been able to get into so far this season as it is always crazy busy. Of course, not so, in the wind and rain! Saturday saw the sun shine again so we stayed for the day, swam, read, swam again – a lovely day at sea. We sailed around the Palma Bay on Sunday – faith restored in our beautiful boat!

Portal Vells – busy on Saturday!

Monday morning and the rain came again but we were up bright and early to get the boat to Cala Nova where it was being hauled out. Successfully on hard standing, we checked into the Joan Micro Hotel just up the road – fab swimming pool and best of all – a bath!

~ by Karen on Monday, 4 October 2021.

2 Responses to “Finally … we managed to sail the boat!”

  1. Since you seem, to have a lot of repairs done on your boat, I am not letting you near my china!

    However, Karen, it is good to learn that you are enjoying yourselves now. How about trying a retreat?

    I do love you, the pair of you. Such a pair! Jo 🤗 XX


  2. Enjoy your time on terra firma!

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