A lovely week with Jane & Janice

Jane & Janice arrived to have a one night cross-over with Shirley – lots of chat! Fond farewells to Shirls on Saturday morning and we set off for Sa Rapita on the east end of the Palma bay. In spite of Jane’s worst fears of sea sickness, all was well! A relaxing couple of days in the bay before heading back to Palma for a couple more days of maintenance.

The boom is separated from the mast whilst the furling mechanism is at the workshop so we can only motor very gently in flat seas until mast and boom are reconnected. The boom is held up, down and at the sides by tight lines but the thought of it falling in some way has me with butterflies in my stomach each time we are out at sea.

Feels a bit precarious!

A fab couple of days in Palma – shopping, eating, drinking, biking and exploring. Palma is delightful … could definitely live here for a while … exploring real estate options as long term option?

Glad to say that we managed another couple of days at sea – off to Port Andraxt for the night. As ever, beautiful sunsets, great gin and super paella. More lovely memories.

~ by Karen on Sunday, 19 September 2021.

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