Major maintenance!

Nobody told me that I had to find joy in maintenance, cleaning and repairing a boat as well as sailing it! Good grief … the work goes on forever. Scarily (and sadly?) I am getting into some sort of routine with all the cleaning – very focussed on getting the right product and spend an increasing proportion of my time in the chandlery cleaning section. I have also seen sense and paid lovely day crew to come on board for a couple of days and polish the chrome! Love welcoming all the various specialists onto the boat – boat riggers to sort the furling mechanism out, electricians to sort electronics, sail makers to service the sails. Another week of learning!

Fortunately, first mate to the first mate, Shirley, was still on board last week so we managed some shopping, biking, lunches out and an afternoon zipping around the bay in the tender … Shirls officially checked out now!

And last news to report but definitely not least, we had a lovely day celebrating Shirl’s birthday … another big number but who’s counting!?

Birthday girl!

~ by Karen on Tuesday, 14 September 2021.

One Response to “Major maintenance!”

  1. Hello Chris and Karen,
    We love these updates and the pictures are fabulous. By the time you travel around the world you really will be the pro’s! Enjoy the sunshine. Sending lots of love,
    Tamsin & the boys xx

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