The second half of the island – to Port Pollensa, Portopetro & back to Palma

Not too much sailing round the rest of the island as the breeze was light and often directly behind us. Still, the scenery was glorious and we found a safe spot to anchor in La Pollensa after we had rounded the most northerly point of the island. The wind blew up a bit just as we were set to take the tender into town (of course it did!) so a wet few minutes before shopping and cocktails! Setting off from La Pollensa, we made our way south – hoping to stop in one of the many beautiful bays half way down the east coast. First stop saw an altercation with an eco warrior over our anchoring inadvertently over sea grass. Hard to avoid in these waters but we will definitely try to do better in future. However, we felt very unwelcome and moved further south to find a beautiful little bay where we picked up a mooring buoy for the night. Swimming and paddle boarding ahead of moving the following day to a really stunning swimming spot as we round the coast one more time, heading toward Palma. Dolphins en route – first time this trip so quite a treat.

Of course, no blog post of mine would be complete without some drama. Sure enough, as we headed for home, the furling line that takes in the main sail failed. Shirley was allocated helm whilst Chris and I struggled to manually drop the main sail. Thank goodness it was fairly light winds and quite protected water … trying to do the same things in heavy winds would have been really tough. So … yet another job to add to our ever growing list of things that are broken!

~ by Karen on Thursday, 9 September 2021.

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