We spent 2 nights in Soller – having needed an extra night because of our anchoring adventure. A beautiful bay but super busy – one of the few well protected harbours on the west coast. We arrived at the start of a thunderstorm – pouring rain and hard to find a spot where we were safe from other boats. Captain P had words with a french catamaran captain who abandoned his boat far too close to us but we were set on night 1. Night 2 was a different story – a gusty storm and all the boats swing in different directions at different rates. 4am saw Chris on deck with engines running just in case any of the boats around us came too close. Some near misses!

Also some exciting developments! We had some sunshine and calm seas too … so much so that I launched my new paddle board for an inaugural paddle! All a bit wobbly but I will improve with practice – brought back great memories of times with friends Mandy & Simon!

~ by Karen on Friday, 3 September 2021.

3 Responses to “Soller”

  1. This brings back memories of our flotilla sailing days in Croatia ,up in the early hours ,swinging on anchors in a storm,happy days. I think you have many more adventures to come 🥰xx

  2. all sounds a bit too exciting!

  3. Took a few big breaths … won’t happen going across the Atlantic!

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