Another Parker adventure

It had to happen. Shirley arrived Saturday night – so lovely to see her. After a leisurely breakfast, we set sail (so to speak … no wind so we were on the engine) to circumnavigate the island of Mallorca. First evening in Port Andraxt (south east if the island) – glorious. We’re starting to know the bars and restaurants there – is this a good or bad thing??

Monday we actually set sail for Soller on the west of the island doing a recce of Deia and Sa Foradada Bay en route – the location of a fab restaurant above the beach only accessible by sea. A really lovely sail but in gusty conditions so we steamed along at 8 knots on the Genoa sail alone.

Tuesday we met up with lovely friend Amanda and her mum Valerie … destination Sa Foradada. All went well until we dropped anchor in a beautiful little bay just below the restaurant … our anchor caught between 2 rocks and would not budge. An hour of pulling, diving, directing, swimming and we couldn’t move it. Captain Chris was a true gentleman – sent us all off for the most fabulous lunch whilst he stayed with the boat trying to get divers out to help.

Lunch was an experience to remember – stunning location and best paella ever! Meanwhile back at the boat … no divers. Later that evening (after a swim and G&T) Shirley and I dropped Amanda and Valerie off at a little beach under cover of darkness – felt like we were dropping smugglers off in the night. We then faced a night of rock & roll as the winds rose and the boat rocked in waves slapping at the nearby rock face. Divers arrived the next morning and by 11am we were free … what a lunch – another Parker adventure!

~ by Karen on Thursday, 2 September 2021.

2 Responses to “Another Parker adventure”

  1. Sounds like a true adventure. All looks beautiful and you all look happy despite the stuck anchor. Lots of love from T, R, G & H xx

  2. I love these stories keep them coming Karen and stay safe 🥰xx

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