Jobs, jobs and more jobs …

For those of you who have followed my blog over time, you may well have been surprised that there has been no mention yet of work required on the boat. Fear not … there is plenty of it going on! In between social, we are cracking on – so much that we are learning every day! We have been lucky enough to find Mike – super knowledgeable and experienced project manager who is helping us to get the boat ready for our round the world travels. Sails are being serviced, tender repaired (new engine needed after our debacle last year when the tender got dropped into the water), bilges cleaned, vang repaired, servicing of the water maker (I took the precaution of taking a video of the engineer demonstrating how to use it properly!). My head has been in the bilges more often than I’d like … I keep reminding myself I am living the dream! Also of course … the cleaning goes on and on … discovering new products every day and sadly, getting excited about them. I spent 50 euros yesterday on 2 super cleaning cloths – Mistral will be immaculate but my OCD symptoms are getting steadily stronger. Happy days …

~ by Karen on Saturday, 28 August 2021.

4 Responses to “Jobs, jobs and more jobs …”

  1. What’s a vang?!

  2. It’s a hydraulic kicker strap – holds the boom down so the sail flattens for more efficient sailing. The hydraulics leaked – looked like a bottle of olive oil had been spilt all over the deck! V messy …

  3. Good to see you so hard at work, but I hope that it is not cutting intyo G&T time too much!

  4. Definitely not!! In fact … as I type … large one in hand 😊

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