Coming out of a long winter …

It’s been a month … scary how time just flies by. We have been deluged by rain, with snow thrown in for good measure, throughout May – honestly surprised the chalet has not floated away! As a result, my french has improved (have been indoors reading, listening and chatting in french); I have been busy doing some upholstery for local friends, knitting (feeling desperate!) but not much else …

So saying, I have got out hiking when ever I have had the chance and hallelujah … lockdown is finally lifting a little so we have been able to have fabulous London friends to stay overnight and we have also managed to get to see Yacht Mistral – a trip south to check on the boat whilst staying with lovely friends near Montpellier. So good to travel again and be social. Yacht Mistral looked good – the boatyard is continuing with Chris’s very long list of jobs. Since it’s still against COVID regulations to sail in french waters we are leaving the boat where it is for the time being.

Finally, with the lifting of lockdown restrictions in UK, we are now planning a long awaited trip back home. After a year of no diary management, I am scheduling our 2 month trip to within an inch of its life! I am SO excited by the prospect of seeing friends and family – what a treat to be able to see everyone in person! We left the UK last January and although we went back briefly last summer … it’s been a long winter. Expect to see more regular blog updates as we start to travel once again.

~ by Karen on Wednesday, 26 May 2021.

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