Ski touring extraordinaire!

Absolute highlight of my last couple of weeks has been some awesome ski touring with the Women’s Mountain Club (Morzine & Chamonix). I have to keep a record of the breathtaking scenery, the fabulous snow, the great company and the scale of the personal challenge in touring up more than 2000m in 2 days – not to mention the skiing down a glacier in deep powder! Ali & Rachel – our lovely guides and teachers – their enduring enthusiasm, optimism about my capability, patience and unending support have kept me going through lockdown and enabled me to do some truly magical ski touring.

Just look at that smile!!

I can happily report on the last 2 fabulous tours … a day touring up the Col de Romme (above Cluses) where we climbed over 1000m. Stunning scenery and so much snow. Plenty of stops en route to take a breath, take a photo and admire the views.

And then the grande finale … a 2 day tour in Pralgonan-Les-Vanoises, hiking up 1300m, staying in a mountain refuge overnight, climbing up the glacier the following day (another 800m) and the most awesome ski all the way back down into the valley. I don’t think I have ever felt so depleted of energy after day 1 but a large beer, a beautiful sunset, a full moon rise and a decent night’s sleep in my very comfortable bunk gave me the energy to start again on Day 2! Getting to the summit at 3200m and surveying the awesome panorama was a moment to treasure. My off piste skiing is still inconsistent but in spite of that, we had all earned those turns in light, fresh virgin powder … phenomenal experience … on my way to being a true ski goddess!

Back now into the sunshine and onto the terrace. We are re-implementing our drinks on the drive with our lovely neighbours this weekend and the garden is calling! Luckily my chair is finished (I love it!) so I can move onto the next project … hoping I will soon be planning our next trip back to the UK to see much missed friends and family. I can’t wait!

~ by Karen on Tuesday, 30 March 2021.

4 Responses to “Ski touring extraordinaire!”

  1. Couldn’t seem the little pictures but you should frame that main one! Hats off to you for the climb alone, that’s a serious hike without skis and boots! Looks fab. I’ve posted on fb pics shame you are no longer on it Xxx

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  2. WOW!!! I can’t wait to get the chance to do this stuff! Well done you. So magical, rewarding and exhilarating! Lxx

  3. Well done,it looks fabulous ,Tony will be so jealous when I show him this blog ! I hope we see you before too long xx

  4. Looks phenomenal! Beautiful scenery and sunsets.

    I see you have another bright coloured jacket (pink/orange) for me go follow when I finally get on the piste again😊


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