Salut mes amis!

Middle of January, restrictions getting tighter (6pm curfew from today) and I am resigning myself to ‘confinement’ (as they say in France) until Easter. All very frustrating. I have cancelled January trip back to the UK as I’m concerned that the French may not let me come back even if UK lets me in. So … I am back to cooking, puzzles, knitting and have committed to improving my french as well as my favourite activity – ski touring! Talking ski touring, I am loving being a part of the Morzine Women’s Ski Club and have had a fabulous couple of days hiking into new places and working on my powder skiing. I’ve also hooked up with some of the women I have met so I now have ski buddies. I am just having to learn to pace myself as most of the women are at least 15 years younger than me and frankly, fairly hard core fit!

Climbing up Col de la Bolire in the snow
My tracks re on the right!
Looking over at Praz de Lys from the Col de la Bolire
Top of Plenys today – ESF are allowed to teach licensed ski clubs

This evening my lovely neighbour is coming over to chat in french with me for half an hour – as a prelude to my french lessons which start next week. Chris is already fed up with my practising on him! My brain simply doesn’t work as well as it used to … memory like a sieve but I long ago recognised that speaking french will be the task of a lifetime!

Marmalade batch 1 completed this week. Maybe another batch next week … please someone, save me from myself!

Marmalade batch 1

~ by Karen on Saturday, 16 January 2021.

4 Responses to “Salut mes amis!”

  1. Just keep going up those mountains Karen ,we are confined to walking around the canal and river ,I know which I’d prefer !! I’m sure there is going to be a new disease called lockdown madness,we are certainly heading that way but at least I’m still beating Tony at scrabble! Lots of love to you both 😘

  2. Your marmalade looks delicious! As for the ski touring I am extremely jealous, we have snow here today but there are no mountains!

  3. So wonderful to see those glorious pictures of you snowy lockdown. Save me some snow…and some marmalade!

  4. The ski pictures look awesome Karen. Talk about making the most of it. t x

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