Welcoming in 2021

After a very quiet Christmas in Seytroux, celebrating only with our lovely neighbours, the first day of the new year was a blast – ski touring up Mont Chery in Les Gets (huge hike!) and then powering half way down; climbing back up to the top (nearly killed me!) so that we could enjoy every bit of powder on the way down. An awesome experience which was followed by a very long bubble bath and a bottle of Laurent Perrier to truly welcome in the New Year!

Glorious view as we work our way to the top of the mountain

Sadly, the first week of January has not come remotely close to my expectations … new COVID variant, Tier 4 in the UK, still no sign of the resort opening up here in Morzine, inability to come home or more importantly, get back to France since UK nationals can not transit through Geneva and we don’t yet have a long term visa. Add to that events in the US and I think the world is going to hell in a hand basket. The only light on the horizon is that I am still able to hike up the mountains. I am now the proud and excited owner of an avalanche transceiver, probe and shovel so am all set up to hike up those mountains!

Made it to the top … I am in the middle!
Making tracks!
En route to the top of Prodains
Stunning scenery on the way up Mont Chery today -7C!

~ by Karen on Thursday, 7 January 2021.

5 Responses to “Welcoming in 2021”

  1. Great photos Karen. I’m out walking every day in rural Notts & waiting to hear if I’m going to be a vaccinator, having done hours of training & assessment & filling in ridiculous forms. It’ll relieve lockdown boredom & contribute to that big trip …….! Snow here tomorrow but can’t compete with yours, tho deer running across the frosted fields here. Bees are snuggled round their queen & waiting for Spring like us all. Xx

  2. Looks fabulous Karen,we were skiing in Italy this time last year it seems like a lifetime ago . Let’s hope we all get some freedom back before the summer.Have fun xx

  3.   KGood to know what you get up to – no pun intended. Karen, you have so much energy, but using it to advantage. You must be fit to do what you do although I didn’t like the bit about avalanches. Super pictures! Thank you for keeping in touch this way.

    With difficult months ahead we should remain optimistic, even cheerful although keeping v to the rules isn’t exactly fun. Karen, glasses, hearing aids and mask – together is a challenge, beyond me. Embarrassing? Yes. Comical? Oh yes!

    So, Happy New Year. May it bring better times for everyone. Enjoy your lovely home and surroundings. Enjoy the snow!

    Love Jo xxxx 🛏 Still in.


  4. Wow these pictures look fabulous. What a fabulous adventure. Currently home schooling two energetic boys and dreaming of teaching them to ski rather than phonics and the times table!! Can’t wait to be back to normal. We all send love.

  5. What beautiful scenery, happy 2021.

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