The eagle has finally landed!

After 13016 nautical miles and many unexpected adventures (good and bad!), we have landed in Port Gruissan without further incident. I write this post with large Gin & Tonic in hand and a huge smile! Massive thanks for reading, mailing, commenting, texting and calling – especially after our most recent trauma. You restored my equilibrium and totally reassured me that my anxieties were well founded! It has been brilliant to be in touch – thank you. More to come but felt the need to say thank you and share the good news – all safe and sound. Now just need to get the car from Valencia (public transport and lockdowns not withstanding) and then drive home to our chalet in Seytroux …. and so the next adventure starts!

~ by Karen on Friday, 6 November 2020.

7 Responses to “The eagle has finally landed!”

  1. Phew. So glad you have made it to dry land, and I bet a g&T never tasted so good. Can’t wait to hear more. xxL

  2. I’m so pleased you have arrived safely.

  3. Finally!! Thank god for that.

    When’re you expecting to get back To Seytroux?


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  4. You must be so relieved! I assume you had a favourable tide! Xx

  5. So pleased you have arrived safely without further incident,quite an adventure!! I hope the car retrieval goes smoothly,safe travels 😁xx

  6. Glad to see you made it – maybe a marine engineering course is next on the agenda? xx

  7. Wonderful news. What an adventure. Enjoy being on land! xx

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