Another Parker adventure …

Today we should have arrived in Gruissan – our final destination for the season. It was not meant to be. We anchored off the coast about 20 miles west of Marseilles on Monday night – as planned. Tuesday morning at 6am we were ready to go, tea in hand – a long day ahead with the Mistral wind forecast. Would you believe it … the engine wouldn’t start. We quickly exhausted all our engineering knowledge and called the coast guard … no emergency but we clearly could not stay where we were. An hour later and the coast guard arrived to tow us into the nearest port. The coast guards were really great – patient and hugely helpful. Of course, the one day we wanted the anchor to come up smoothly, it didn’t – jammed half way up so more repair work required before we were able to be safely towed … just a little bit stressful! In port, engineers have been helping. A new battery (different set of batteries to the ones we replaced earlier in the year) required. I spent the day washing and cleaning – I have control over this at least!

Coast Guard arriving …
Captain Parker checking the tow!

We are in Port du Bouc – without our engine. We ended the day as we had begun it – with some stress! When we were in bed, we heard footsteps on the boat – rushing up the companionway, we discovered 4 guys messing about and climbing into the tender … we yelled and they ran away. Thoroughly shaken, we went back to bed only to hear a loud bang 20 minutes later – they had returned and thrown all our lines into the water … we were drifting in the harbour without an engine out of control. Chris had the presence of mind to call the port captain and yell for help (in french) whilst I fendered the boat from the very large power boat we were drifting towards and the concrete harbour wall. With help, we got the boat back to it’s berth – totally frazzled. Chris stayed up on watch for a couple of hours but all quiet for the rest of the night. Pleased to report a blue sunny day today; more washing; still waiting for new batteries …

Port du Bouc at 7am

~ by Karen on Wednesday, 4 November 2020.

3 Responses to “Another Parker adventure …”

  1. Oh Karen what a day !!! It can only get better ,I hope your new battery turns up soon so you can get to your destination. I think it will be a book not just a blog by the time you have completed your round the world trip considering you haven’t even started yet. Stay safe both of you xx

  2. Wow Karen and Chris, you really have been on an adventure. You are proper salty sea dogs now with the stories to back it up! Fingers crossed you have an uneventful few days to end the season. Sending lots of love, Tamsin Rich and the boys xx

  3. OMG sounds like you’re having a bit of a nightmare atm. It’s so weird how these things happen together isn’t it.

    Hopefully you’ll have better luck once you’ve got the new batteries.

    At least you’ll have nice clean clothes 😊


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