Elba – Portoferraio Harbour

Gorgeous! The island is beautiful – a very pretty coastline and as the sailing book says, hard not to fall in love with Portoferraio. After a night at anchor ion a lovely bay south of the island, we had 2 days to explore Portoferraio, the capital of Elba – see the old city, sample the food and do a spot of shopping – all goals successfully achieved. Cocktail bar handily immediately across from Mistral but in fairness, bars, cafes, restaurants and shops line the seafront. The history of the island is obvious in the architecture – forts surrounding the harbour, Napoleon’s home whilst he exiled in Elba for 3 years, lots of narrow streets and brightly painted houses built into the ramparts of the old city walls. Shirls and I spent time and money in the perfume shop – we may look bedraggled but we smell lovely!

Approaching the harbour
Our neighbours
The old city
Our lovely home

~ by Karen on Wednesday, 28 October 2020.

One Response to “Elba – Portoferraio Harbour”

  1. Vicarious pleasure on a grey and wet day in London. I mean, my day is almost as good as yours so far – dog to groomer, car to garage, soaking wet from deluge on the way back. What’s not to like!?! Keep them coming!

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