Onwards to Elba

2 more nights in Sardinia – our anchorage wasn’t perfect with a south east wind causing a swell in the bay … suffice to say that when I slept (not much) I was dreaming of washing machines! We were chased off the anchorage early by military police who informed us that the bay was about to be used as a shooting range and our orders were to retrace our steps to the Marina around the corner to wait for their word when proceedings were finished. 4 hours later and we were off again and headed for a lovely protected marina with dinner out and the best sleep I have had for days!

Arbatrax Harbour

Our plan was to sail up the cost to the north end of Sardinia. However, on setting sail, we had a fabulous wind that would sweep us all the way to Elba – through the night and for the next 24 hours. Given the couple of days lost waiting for parts in Mahon, Palma and Cagliari, we decided to go for it. Another challenging but exhilarating sail with our watch system of 2 hours on/off we have just passed the island of Monte Christo. Elba next stop.

Dawn – a window of sky slowly opens
Pizza for breakfast!
Island of Monte Christo

~ by Karen on Saturday, 24 October 2020.

3 Responses to “Onwards to Elba”

  1. Lovely to hear about your adventures. Kept safe you two 😍

  2. Wow Karen the sailing sounds very exciting and you haven’t left the Med yet . A couple of years ago we were stuck in a Turkish port with no notice while there were naval manoeuvres in the area ,we heard explosions all day obviously a hazard of Mediterranean sailing !! Happy sailing ⛵️ 😁xx

  3. Looks like you made the right choice. Beautiful.

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