Discovering Sardinia

After a lovely day of rest, Shirls and I explored Cagliari. Slightly shabby but beautiful architecture and many small and lively restaurants. Some fabulous views over the city from the top of the old city and v generous gin and tonics at the bottom!

A view from the top of Cagliari
G&T time!

A 6am start to set sail for the eastern coast of Sardinia – a force 5 gusting 6 had us tacking up to the south end of the island and then a more comfortable broad reach up the coast. Lessons learned every day – today, we realised that closing hatches is not enough. Hatches need to be as tightly closed down as it’s possible to be and everything everywhere lashed right down … some water into the saloon and Shirley’s cabin along with assorted veg on the workshop floor! We’re now anchored at the end of a long white sandy beach – not quite nice enough to swim but enjoying a beer and the view.

Tacking down to the southern tip of Sardinia

~ by Karen on Thursday, 22 October 2020.

2 Responses to “Discovering Sardinia”

  1. Loving hearing about your adventures, I hope everything has dried out !! Xx

  2. That sounds a bit challenging!

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