A Parker adventure!

I’m blogging from Sardinia! We finally set sail from Menorca on Thursday early afternoon for our maiden overnight passage across to Italy. Shirls and I had a lovely afternoon in Cuitadello, the historic capital of Menorca; all the fixes were completed and the forecast looked reasonable. The passage was 40 hours – we arrived at 6am on Saturday – so 2 nights at sea. We did watches through the night of 2 hours on and 2 hours off – a brisk force 4 wind much of the time with a moderate sea state (waves up to 2.5m). We rolled through the waves but armed with sea sickness tablets, we all survived the trip without being ill. We sailed for half the time and were on the engine the other half with the wind directly behind us. It’s quite something to be in the open seas in the darkness looking up at a huge sky filled with stars. We didn’t meet many other boats – the odd fishing vessel and a couple of huge cargo ships – no other buggers are as daft!

Cagliari is at the south end of Sardinia and looks very pretty – a lovely sight as the sun rose. Absolutely shattered on arrival but still had to complete Covid forms in triplicate and organise to get a test. In true Italian style, a really challenging task. I must have made 50 calls, written many mails – British Consul (hopeless), Tourist Office (tried hard), port authorities (rubbish), health authorities (really rubbish) and finally the airport – a miracle. We got a test today at the airport – 2/3 days to get the results but we feel free to leave the boat now and explore.

Arriving in Cagliari at 6am
Lunch in Cuitadello
Cuitadello old town – the main plaza

~ by Karen on Sunday, 18 October 2020.

4 Responses to “A Parker adventure!”

  1. I am loving hearing about your sailing adventures and being briefly transported to sunnier places! We are so sad not to be with you. These are very challenging times to say the least! Lots of love to the Mistral Crew. L, S, L, C, R and pooch. xxxxx

  2. The paper work sounds terrifying, but I know that you are up to the job. Looks magnificent and congratulations for managing the round the clock sailing! Enjoy.

  3. Lovely to hear from you … so disappointed that we could’ve make it work this year but everything crossed for next summer!Love to all xxx

  4. Loving hearing from you! Hoping London is not too much of a horror show although news doesn’t sound great. Hoping all the plants are still producing!

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