We’re still here … weather forecast accurate … gale force winds, thunder and lightening so good decision to stay put. Big sea states are not my thing! Having said that, we managed a trip in the tender with a lovely swim and some boat handling practice in the port before the storm hit.

View of the port from Mahon old city
Our tender … tied up whilst we swim!

It’s been a noisy couple of days with the wind howling around us but finally today, the wind died down, blue skies and sunshine once more. We’ve done lots of jobs on the boat – Shirls is the queen of chrome cleaning; Chris is completing an inventory that will one day be published and I have been jack of all trades. We’ve kept up the fitness with power walking, Pilates and yoga and managed a wander around the old town of Menorca.

The old city of Mahon, capital of Menorca
Queen of chroma polishing!

~ by Karen on Monday, 12 October 2020.

2 Responses to “Menorca”

  1. Well, I hear you about the weather but it still looks glorious. Where to next?
    I am currently sitting under the English Channel on route to quarantine. So looking forward to vicarious travel with your blogs.

  2. Hope you had a fab few weeks in France – UK sounds a nightmare from here. We are hoping to head to Sardinia but still waiting for various works to be done … as you say, def worse places to be stuck!

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