Mallorca to Menorca

After a lovely evening on the anchor, we headed around to the south east of Mallorca to Cala d’Or for the night – a 40 mile sail. A very pretty marina down quite a long, narrow and shallow estuary. Cap P did a fabulous job of parking and treated his crew to dinner!

A lovely sail …
Entering the channel

A very early start for the 60 mile trip to Mahon in Menorca. Not a great start as we ran aground 5 minutes after leaving the berth – channel advertised as having a depth of 3m and we hit the bottom at 2.4m. A pantomime ensued – local fisherman wrapping a line around his prop as he tried to push us free and me being totally unable to get control of the engine on our tender so unable to help. An hour and a half later, the local mariniera was able to pull the stern of the boat round and we floated off. Phew! An uneventful motor to Mahon as we had beautiful blue skies but no wind. We are now in Mahon, berthed in what purports to be a marina but feels and looks like a town quay. We will see what the night holds for us …

Berthed in Mahon

~ by Karen on Thursday, 8 October 2020.

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