Travel to the UK

So not really proper travel but in the absence of other more exciting voyages, feeling the need to record the experience! Geneva brilliant, Heathrow rubbish – nil points. After a very calm and speedy check in process in Switzerland, I spent more than an hour and a half in a queue in Heathrow trying to get through passport control. Horrible.

Uber scores 10 out of 10 though – great ride from the airport and Uber drivers have been brilliant as they have ferried me to and from Harley Street to deal with skin cancer on my nose. Outside of my hospital visits, I have spent the week in quarantine with lovely friends. Puzzles, books, knitting and TV as well as visits from friends who are close by. Being exempt from quarantine for my hospital visits, I chose to walk home through Hyde Park and remembered why I love London so much. The park was beautiful and so lovely to see the open air salsa classes in front of the Serpentine!

Home to finish recovery in France and to go sailing! Finally – we are heading back to Valencia to collect the boat and hope to spend a month or so sailing around the Mediterranean – COVID not withstanding. Real travels about to start again …

~ by Karen on Wednesday, 23 September 2020.

3 Responses to “Travel to the UK”

  1. So glad that things went well (shame about LHR). Enjoy the sailing. And catch you up sometime soon, I hope.

  2. I hope your skin cancer treatment is successful.

  3. Thanks so much Louine – all went well although I look a bit like the elephant woman with a big scar from the top of my nose to the bottom! It will take time to heal but at least the cancer is gone – looking characterful is the best spin I have on it at the moment!!

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