Losing count of days and weeks …

I am losing the plot … how many weeks have we been here? One week is merging into the next and days of the week are starting to run together – is this good or bad?? My sense of space and time is changing – zoom drinks on Friday with lovely London girl friends and drinks on the drive with neighbours on Saturday are my weekly constants – and thank goodness for them!

Technically, lockdown restrictions have eased but there is not much happening. The highlight of my week has been making a hair appointment for 2 weeks time at Sylvia’s coiffure … am v concerned I will come out with a blue rinse as the place looks quite old fashioned – having said that, I think the salon will feel more like an operating theatre than place of luxurious relaxation with masks, gowns and rubber gloves! Will take before and after photos for posterity.

We are now able to go out without filling in a form so was absolutely thrilled to be able to walk up a mountain on Sunday and managed to persuade Chris to walk round Lac de Montriond with me on Saturday. This really is the most beautiful time of year in the Alps with mountain flowers a riot of colours and smells. Food for the soul.

I have largely stopped baking as the likelihood of rolling out of lockdown becomes more of a reality for Chris and me. Gardening continues apace with tomatoes, fruit trees and herbs flourishing. Singing also continues – I finally recorded my first song to submit to Gareth Malone’s great British home chorus – visual definitely better than audio – glammed up with makeup and everything for the recording – who knows who may watch it??

On that note … choir practice calls. Vivaldi’s ‘Gloria’ this week – will be taking gin with me to lubricate the vocal chords. Definitely closing all doors and windows!

Half way up the Col de Ratti
Chilly drinks on the drive!
Recording ‘Ordinary World’ for the Great British Home Chorus

~ by Karen on Monday, 18 May 2020.

2 Responses to “Losing count of days and weeks …”

  1. Cool photos, the Alps look stunning! Greetings from London.

  2. Looks like a pretty good lockdown. I can’t wait for your solo performance!
    Make up??? What’s that?

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