Heading towards week 8 of lockdown … can’t quite believe it

I have neglected my blog … was chatting to a lovely friend this morning (via WhatsApp) who is writing a wonderful daily blog – she inspired me to get back to it (thank you Laura!)

Well – we are settled into something of a routine and I have to say … having a good lockdown! I am doing 7 of the 9 things the Times has told me will keep me sane and happy … dancing, singing, cooking, reading, gardening, taking lovely long baths with large glass of fizz (Times didn’t mention the fizz – I am enhancing the list!) and conversations that are nourishing for the soul with lovely friends. Drinks on the drive with our neighbours each Saturday is also a huge help in staying sane. Chris is practising his cocktail making skills and each week we drink for longer, conversation positively bubbles and we all feel jaded on Sunday – def worth it.

The weather has been stunning until the last couple of days – today it’s raining cats and dogs or, with my newly revised french vocabulary, il pleut des cordes … the wet weather has finally pushed me into improving my very poor french. Poor Chris – he is busy shutting all doors and windows so he doesn’t have to hear me singing my heart out with Gareth Malone’s wonderful on line home chorus, or practising my atrocious french or watching me giving it everything as I dance the morning away! I am definitely losing the plot.

Chris continues to kill those baddies … as he tells me everyday, they don’t kill themselves. We’ve just finished Ozark – fabulous box set and discussing what next – important conversation in these times.

My biggest excitement of the lockdown was finding out that the garden centre is now opening in the mornings – I was SO excited to visit this week – total bliss wandering around tomato plants, geraniums, herbs and other wonderful greenery. I feel like a new woman with my garden pots full and tomato plants installed and growing each day!

We will hear from Boris tonight; Macron has declared there will be some lifting of restriction on 15 May. Hoping against hope that the world is finally getting to grips with this terrible virus. In the meantime, I will continue to dance, sing and cook my way through the madness!

Gorgeous apple blossom
After 1 cocktail too many at ‘drinks on the drive’
Getting into the Easter spirit for our grandchildren!

~ by Karen on Thursday, 30 April 2020.

6 Responses to “Heading towards week 8 of lockdown … can’t quite believe it”

  1. Hi You both look really well – lovely photos. I’m not going to send you a long letter but will contact you in next couple of days. Sounds like you are doing just fine!!

    Much love my bestest friend C XX

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Haven’t seen that trombone for a very long time!

  3. PS Was alcohol one of the nine? Just wondering.



  4. PPS Of course, I now realise where the energy comes from.

    Jo x


  5. Really lovely to hear your news and so glad that you are having a good lockdown. Keep up the dancing and the singing – tell Chris that he can get earplugs on amazon – although seeing that trombone, I suggest you might need two pairs. xx

  6. Lovely to speak to you on Sunday,I’m very excited I’ve just had a phone call from our local garden centre ,which of course is closed ,that I can collect my plant order which I placed by email 3 weeks ago, a few days gardening to come 😀 You both look like you are surviving lockdown well ,love to you both xx

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