Week 2 of lock down …

Well … we’re definitely all in this together where ever we are in the world. France has properly closed down – here in Seytroux, there is silence. I walk each day up the valley – I am on my own. If I’m lucky, I spot someone in a garden and wave. The mountains are still beautiful, the weather fine but cold, the animals more in evidence – a dozen deer had the temerity to walk across the top of our garden today; the birds are having a fine time eating the bird seed we put out for them; Chris has a night time camera attached to the chalet and has captured evidence of deer eating my apple tree, foxes and ermine darting across the garden as well as the next door nieghbor’s dog! I am becoming a domestic goddess … I’m cleaning obsessively, cooking, exercising and doing my upholstery … oh, and drinking gin, calling friends, and watching Madam Secretary on Netflix … thank goodness for Netflix! Chris’s routine is very different – random exercise, tech updates and video games – he is trying to persuade me to explore the auto bot world – resisted so far but can feel the will power weakening since he is so addicted! SO very lovely to hear from you on the blog or on the phone …. huge thank you to all who have read my ramblings! Love to all. Stay home, stay safe and stay in touch!

Mistletoe in bloom!
Latest upholstery project!

~ by Karen on Tuesday, 24 March 2020.

One Response to “Week 2 of lock down …”

  1. Love the way you have been able to adapt the “travel-blog”. And impressed with the upholstery – I have one or two jobs for you when you get back to London. My blog has been on my instagram account – come and join me. xxx

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