Lock down in Morzine …

We drove home from Valencia on Thursday last week – a straightforward but long 12 hour drive. We had a lovely day skiing on Saturday with our neighbors – Callum, Ceri and their 3 girls – all fab skiers and only available because ski club had been cancelled!

Mia and Tilly – oh so cool!

Sadly, Switzerland was no longer accessible (closed due to virus) and restaurants attempting social distancing by severely restricting numbers able to enter and sit down – most people were on the terraces and in the open air. Things got worse by midnight – the resort closed along with all non essential services … so no ski lifts, restaurants, bars, shops other than pharmacies, food shops and banks; schools closed. Today, we popped out to get some food supplies – restricted access into Carrefour, queues to get in, queues for petrol and some empty shelves. All feeling surreal.

Some upside … I was able to skin up the mountain on my touring skis – silent mountain and all the pistes empty – glorious!

Top of Mont Chéry

So … we’re hunkering down, calling friends and family to catch up and drinking gin … spirits high, not panicking and will stay in touch!

~ by Karen on Monday, 16 March 2020.

One Response to “Lock down in Morzine …”

  1. Yes, i heard the ski resorts had closed on Sunday. WOW no one expected that. Do you get a refund on your pass??

    Take some consolation in the fact that it’s almost as bad here although Macron has been quite draconian in the rules he’s applied and the repercussions if people don’t follow them. Seems the French completely ignored him on Friday and continued to gather in groups in parks etc so things are stricter today.

    Boris is today advising against people going to bars, restaurants and theatres etc but these are actually still open in contrast to France. However he is/will soon be asking people over 70 to self isolate for 12 weeks. (Not sure how that’s going to work). He’s under a lot of pressure to do more as it seems UK is out of sync with other countries. Maybe he’s the one that’s right though!?

    Looks like I won’t get to Nice or Spain either as airlines are cancelling flights. Having said that UK citizens are not banned from travelling to the EU because we’re still in the EU😊 Ironic isn’t it?

    Worrying times.

    Stay safe Xx

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