In deepest Bolivia … with very poor wifi!

Blog services are temporarily suspended (you might have noticed!). We have travelled from La Paz to Sucre (capital of Bolivia), on to Potosi and then to Uyuni and the Bolivian salt flats – an amazing journey and we have piles of photos to share – frustratingly, we can’t upload as the internet connections are just not strong enough.

So, tomorrow we head across the flats and toward the Chile border … we are hoping to see flamingoes amongst other things. Signing off exhausted and hoping normal service is resumed soon!

~ by Karen on Thursday, 6 October 2016.

2 Responses to “In deepest Bolivia … with very poor wifi!”

  1. It all sounds very exciting I can’t wait to see the photos
    X Jane

  2. Really enjoying keeping up with your adventures – that Andean Explorer looks an awful lot more comfortable than any journey I took across Peru! Enjoy your last few days on that beautiful continent.

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