Another wonderful day in Cusco

So many magical moments, it’s hard to choose how best to showcase the city. Here’s a view from a little coffee bar we went to for lunch.

One of many Fran shopping moments today …

We caught a celebration of communion for a number of young girls …

… and exploring the streets  – I’ve fallen in love with all the hats the ladies wear …

~ by Karen on Wednesday, 28 September 2016.

4 Responses to “Another wonderful day in Cusco”

  1. Maybe a hat to replace your Tilley with…

  2. lovely pics, those hats are mostly made in Ecuador- we went to a factory when we were there-they get v annoyed when people think they were made in Panama.

  3. We’re all very excited to see Fran’s blog!

  4. Thanks for sending the pictures. They are lovely

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