Travelling once again …

It’s been a long time but delighted to report that after 4 wonderful years of full time working at Christie’s, I have seen the light and decided to take a long break. I finished work at the beginning of July so have some catching up to do on my blog. Here’s a great start – flight in a tiger moth during a virgin fly-in! Once in a life time experience – loop the loop, barrel roll and cruising the skies. Flown by Dave Morgan, the flight took my breath away.

Flying at Compton Abbas

Flying at Compton Abbas

Tiger Moth - close & personal!

Tiger Moth – close & personal!

~ by Karen on Thursday, 25 September 2014.

3 Responses to “Travelling once again …”

  1. Hi Karen, Lovely to hear from you and looking forward to living vicariously through your travels! Any chance we will see you Down Under?? Bev

  2. How lovely to hear from you too! No plans for down under yet – heading to France for the ski season in December but who knows after that … will mail separately for all the news – it’s been SO long!! Kxx

  3. Hello
    Just wanted to touch base !
    We seem to be out of synch as I was on garden leave October to May 15 and have just started working at Irwin Mitchell- how’s life?!!
    Donna xxx

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