The Drive-In

The Drive-In, originally uploaded by deakin.karen.

Dominick was keen to introduce me to a real Australian experience – the Drive-In. I loved it – drinking beers, watching a huge screen from the comfort of the car! Dominick (my sister’s other half), Luke (his son) took me to see ‘Australia’ and I loved it. A great film and just perfect for an introduction to the drive-in experience.

~ by Karen on Sunday, 30 November 2008.

2 Responses to “The Drive-In”

  1. Great shot! Really captures the spirit of the drive in.

  2. Everything looks amazing – are you sure the’re not just picture postcards! Perhaps if we see all the photo’s en route we will not have to be bored by your travels when you get home!! Do you detect a little jealousy?

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