Dinner at Aki’s in Sydney

Dinner at Aki’s in Sydney , originally uploaded by deakin.karen.

I met up with Yvonne and Bev – good friends made at CS. We had a great evening – loads to catch up on and swap gossip. Ian, Simon and Dominick put up with us! A really fabulous Indian meal at Aki’s -I can thoroughly recommend the restaurant!

~ by Karen on Sunday, 30 November 2008.

2 Responses to “Dinner at Aki’s in Sydney”

  1. Yvonne and Bev – how wonderful to see you both looking so great. I think Karen is an absolute whizz to have this site, and not only do i get to catch up on her news, but I get to see you both as well. The ex-Cs Dwon-under contingent sure is growing. all the best to you and yours, Joanna

  2. Hi everyone, lovely to see you all enjoying yourself, Karen the photos so far are stunning… if we dont’ manage to speak, all good wishes for Xmas and the New Year – do say hi to Sue when you hit the rest of NZ….Happy 2009 and as much as I know you’re having fun, safe travels and come back to be with us again soon

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